The perfect (imaginary) dress

It’s perfect in any way. The emphasis on the female form. And colour.

And I love the organic integration of geometric shapes in this one.
And emphasis on the waist again.

And finally I love the “strong woman” look of this, I think it’s kinda saying:
Show your shoulder and strength*, but don’t sell out on your femininity because of that.
God, Victoria Beckham’s design is so addressing my market segment.

I was watching the video Ida posted a couple of days ago.. Twice. cause I love GaranceAnd even more after Ida said I there is a a fraction of resemblance

Aaand stopped with the Victoria Beckham show. Cause I’m a big sucker for the perfect dress and the idea of a perfect life which is not gonna happen – cause I always strive for perfection and always get frustrated when doing so and excellence is a habit, so I’m trying to make it mine and hate everyone who does. Anyway, I thought: I REALLY need one of those dresses. googled Vitoria Beckham and felt a huge sensation when I figured that normal human being can get their hand on heir design at net a porter who also sponsored Garance’s video, and apparently has other interests than putting their name next to Garance’s and being read a gazillion times because of that. BUT then I saw the prices. Christ! Not only like 500€ which I already saw in myself spending in my head spending, first full time wage you know but 1.500€ ouch. But hey, one is allowed to dream like there are no other and more important things to dream of -damn you bad conscious, so I’m sharing my three favourite pieces with you..


*and don’t date utter assholes who don’t like strong women.

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