sum up; 5th semester ArT.

the final semester of the Art & Technology bachelor has already seized many hours of brainstorming sessions and idea-pitching. most of it along with fear and self-doubt, since it’s the “final show” before yet another intimidating step; what next? but before i reach that wall (and share my emotional outburst on this web-spot) i’d like to share the result from the previous semester. i told you about the concept (maybe you didn’t understand or maybe you did, either way i myself didn’t grasp the essence of the assignment until the very end where everything was gathered and exhibited..!)

so here are two video’s of:

#1 the physical installation.

what you can see is a theater stage (i know it’s very dark and shaky video, forgive me for that.) where a tree is placed with the origami birds hanging plus the 3D projection displayed upon it with a flock of birds continuously flying across it. the interaction is that you can steer the flock with your body, moving it from right to left etc..

#2 the narrated video.

made from collages and a story I created in cooperation with Karina Abramova (she did the editing and sound) this video was projected on the floor next to the physical installation (the tree) in order to connect the story in the video (which -in a nutshell- is a boy who goes on an imaginary journey on a paper crane he folds and ends with him growing up as an adult which we symbolize through a tree.) with the reality and at the time of the exhibition.

phew, enough of me now – just got two wisdom teeth out (insert dumb-joke) and need to cool my swollen cheek. i pity myself.


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