FENDI. fall ’12 rtw.

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damn. here i was, all immersed in the arT bachelor, being a toothless grandma, chipmunk cheek, plexi lasercu(n)tting the hell out of it – happily thinking i’d avoid any kind of runway shows on style.com. (i mean the quantity of shows is immense. i tend to loose myself once i start checking out the latest designers and ladida.) but then Garance showed this and i couldn’t resist. so behold cause what’s about to happen is a tsunami wave of adjectives describing my neverending love for the Fendi 2012 fall collection.

so elegant, yet playful in the textures. color combinations that melt. some outfits loud but of the “modern-super-woman-i-can-conquer-the-world-with-this-coat-and-these-boots” kind. others display femininity in a way that brings out tears in my critical fashion-eye. check out the rest by clicking the above style.com-link. (there are 47 outfits and surely mr. lagerfeld -but also silvia venturini fendi- had his hands on this collection. i have some opinions about the nature of his marketing choices, but fuck! that man is a machine when it comes to designing tons and tons of gorgeous outfits for chanel and fendi. of course he doesn’t sew any of ’em himself, but still.. forgive me, i’m rambling now.)

yours truly and always willing to comment on fashion in a “poetic” manner


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