Jup, it’s happening – Skirts and Pants are back – at the same time

I don't know whether I was ignoring it or not
- but yes girls, it's time to put on the skirts

*trying not to read too much into the phenomenon,
 even though I find it a good sign that girls are
 increasingly female in their expression after years of
 trying to look like men
 - but without trading in the toughness derived from that
 (i.e. the pants). ;)

Sorry ’bout the rambling, I have a very feminist close friend and it was womens fight (? what’s the english word?) day yesterday.. And am all about thesis and trying to see the bigger picture (where there might not even be one?) these days..

First picture from Garance’s blog, the second is one Ida took a long time ago – always so fashion forward, and the last one is one the Man repeller took the other day.


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