Zulu awards – major style bummer, Aura

I’m sorry – I feel bad about being negative, like I’m gonna be (and it’s nothing personal, sorry Aura!!)

Ida talking in green coat. I gotta jump into this post and comment directly. No isa, don’t be sorry, Aura should be kinda sorry. Or fire her stylist.

But JESUS – what a CRAPPY outfit! 
I know, it gets one point for matching the colour of the necklace (which is pretty) with the lipstick – but Come on – WHAT A HORRIBLE OUTFIT? Isabella, you are absolutely right on the money. the necklace is awesome ( actually Tommy Ton material, no?)

  • Don’t do white if you don’t have a models’ figure. Just don’t.
  • Don’t cut off your legs with black tights when cutting them off again with silver shoes (like white, black, white – how on earth should a Zebra-look be flattering when executed like this?)
  • And what’s with the mix of styles? Like – Oh I’m fashion forward, I know white ‘s the shit next season. Though also, Oh I’m so cute, but also brave and wear weird bow tights. But hey, I reeeeally like MiuMius shoes and haven’t come further than wedges – so let me get some of those too.
But hey, I really feel sorry about bitching here – but on the other hand – that’s what the red carpet is for, right? So that the brave ones can make fashion faux pas and then we can learn from their mistakes?!
Am I too harsh? Nope.
This truly testifies how Coco Chanel’s advice should be applied: Dress up and then remove three items of your outfit. in this case we’re talking the cover-up shirt, the bow-tie tights and the shoes. (just wear normal black Manolo’s or anything else. and black/beige tights. no bows. not this time)
We might seem tough. Long live the unfiltered blogusphere.


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5 responses to “Zulu awards – major style bummer, Aura

  1. Volpe

    Holy Sh*t!
    Aura went a bit “kill your darling”. But what also kinda puzzles me is her face expression. Kinda dazy if you ask me … :/

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  3. Jeeez, louise! Fire that stylist right this instant!

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