New York

I'm obsessed, as one can only be 
when haven't been the place of imaginary.
And oh, so stereotypically it's New York. 
But I will go there this year. 
this fall. And really looking 
forward to it.
It's probably less romantic 
than I think it is. 
and more noisy. 
Finally I will see for myself. ✍This picture if From Peter Voelker's blog. 
He shot a beautiful video for Dazed. 
I tried hard to post it here, without luck 
- but find it on facebook. 
I love how he and Amy Gwatkin made the video. 
Really hitting that visual aesthetic of mine. 
Both really talented photographers.

And this is how I imagine me 
drinking my morning coffee in new york.
Of course a much more styled version of me.

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