IHLT; the new kid in town.

Hey there. while slowly recovering after a heavy portion of illness i have reached a new beginning. a beginning of a different kind. i might have told you, you may have noticed, or maybe not at all but i have been experimenting with plexiglass accessories and together with a dear friend spent the past few months (since January) creating a little line of jewellery for the new web shop of Platform4. below is what you get.

Edit: I added some minor descriptions after Isabella commented with some clever questions asking details of the pieces one might like to know. (thanks Bella!)

“Pastille” (Mint)

Flexible two-part earring with screws.

“Pastille” (covered in chocolate)


Triangled necklace. Comes in three colors and many combinations (brown, blue and orange)

“Mrs. Batman”

Necklace with five identical shapes in three scales, connected by one screw in the middle. Though also stabilized with glue, thus making it not flexible. ; ) 

“Hexagon Solaris”

Pendant of double hexagon with engravings and a hexagon screw.

“And a Small Piece of Wood”

Four part earring consisting of two pieces of transparent grey, one piece of black (this was baked and bended in order to connect the grey parts) and a small piece of wood.

Why “IHLT“?  those are our initials and saying it in danish means oxygen. (although one spells it without the H in case you non-danes want to know.)

Pllllease tell me what you think! Any favorite? Any horrible ones? (this is the first “batch” and criticism is the only way to improve.)

..aaand now bring me the champagne!



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3 responses to “IHLT; the new kid in town.

  1. Hvor er smykkerne flotte, Ida! Jeg er især vild med Mrs. Batman og Hexagon Solaris. So nice!! Cudos. Glæder mig at se hvad I finder på næste gang. Til lykke! 🙂

  2. lampoule

    Is the Mrs. Batman flexible around the screw in the middle?
    And obviously I love the small piece of wood ;)!!!
    And the pastilles are earrings, right?

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