it’s basically a container. but still.

here’s a thing everyone must know about; getting a bag. but not just any bag. that one bag you need, that can store all your everyday necessary and not so necessary stuff*, one bag that goes with all your jackets, with your shoes – one you can throw on the floor when you come home late – that bag you can broadcast cause it isn’t too practical looking. (did i ever mention my very rare allergy? i have an allergy against the word “practical” and everything associated with it. not that it’s a bad thing. just rarely aesthetic.) Everyone needs such a bag. Everyone looks for such a bag. I know it, you know it, we just don’t tell anyone; especially not to our significant others or anyone that would find an obsessive quest like that odd. We know it’s odd, OK? Yet the search for this much needed item could be slightly comparable with finding that significant other, so the two aren’t that far apart… (yes I am aware how crazy I sound)

Anyway; I found it.


PS: I just got Patti Smith’s “Radio Ethiopia” (1976). It’s a beauty.

*: like my tiny ukulele. and a book. and band-aids.

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