Trying out: Coloring Eyelashes

When it comes to beauty, I ain’t no rocket scientist. I keep it simple, cause otherwise I’d probably be confused with someone escaping from a circus (no offense. I respect all employed circus artists). So I do the wash-moisture-mascara-concealer routine everyday and that’s it. Going places to have facials and manicures is something I (un-very-fortunately) can’t allow myself, strictly due to a financial matter. BUT still I wanted to try this. Just once. To see if it works, right? I mean, even though I choose (again it’s the fault of economics) not to “believe” in it, doesn’t mean I don’t want to try… ? Now that I’ve written everything to excuse myself for being vain, let’s get to the real business of the post.

It took 15 minutes to do and was absolutely pain free (expected, but still needs to be clarified). I got the coloring stuff on my eyelashes, had to keep my eyes closed for about 8 minutes (this was oddly the hardest part) and done.

In order to demonstrate the result I’ve made the classical before-and-after pictures.

Fuck, here comes the real pain – displaying a close-up of my ‘naked’ eye to the everyman viewer on the wide wide web… (YES I know I have humongous and wild eyebrows.)



It gave a satisfying result – I admit. It is not really that necessary to put on layers of mascara, I only need the concealer (this I do need, I know) and out I go!

Ipso Facto _success


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