Fashion grounding

Gestrandet is the perfect title for this post (love these coincidences). 
Because that's what I feel like. Finally I'm in the right Industry*/ or rather aground** in the fashion industry.
I now work as a project manager for a creative agency in Copenhagen****.
I organize photo shoots (like the one turning into these pictures above, 
or whole winter and autumn campaigns), 
I organize other stuff, and I love it. 
And I love my super cool team. 
And I love it*.
Last week we shot the autumn winter 2012 campaign for HUMANIC 
and it was super intense, but super successful and so much fun. 
Looking forward to sharing the pictures with you. 
And hopefully I will find the time to share some of the moments with you later this week*****.
But right now I'm late for dinner @ Mother.

See you
XXX Isabella

*only took me like, what, 5 Industries to find the right one..?!
But somehow I always knew*****
**is that really the right English word?
*** I feel so grown up.  
****ok, enough. But I DO!
*****I know, everyone is saying that ;)

Pictures from Shoemanic Magazine
Photo: Henrik Bülow
Styling: Kathrine Agger

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