To my mother on this day.

It’s the very american lets-show-our-love mothers day. I think it’s a little overrated and all, but still I think mothers deserve all the love in the world and if it needs a certain day for someone I guess that’s fine. Like anyone else I think my mother is the best there is, no hesitation, no doubt. So I made her these little brown heart earrings with a round piece of wood covered in gold leaves. She liked them. /ida

here is a song she really likes.


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5 responses to “To my mother on this day.

  1. Charlotte

    Honored ;-)) And like-like-like!

  2. 1boussole

    nej mor, det er mig der er beæret! :* kys!

  3. LOVE these earrings. Did you cover them entirely in gold leaf, or leave some of the wood exposed?

    • 1boussole

      thanks – so happy you like them!! i covered them entirely in gold yes, however it is a little loosely put on so some of it might fall off after a while.. which is actually what i’d like to happen (i prefer a little rustic look also the wood i used is really beautiful)
      thank you for the comment! (maybe i should make more pairs and sell them?)

  4. Awesome! Thanks for your reply! I think the rustic look will look beautiful too, and the wood does look stunning. You should definitely make more and sell them, I am sure they would be popular! 🙂

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