Fashion Hack

As you might know by now, there are some photo shoots to be 
managed lately. yay. 
As glamourous as it might sound to some, as much of a 
challenge it might be to others*.
Naaa, well. It's work, now, but, you know, you have to wear 
some clothes to work.
  1. And when meeting the clients you want to look both serious,
  2. but also a bit creative,I mean – we are their creative agency doing some serious business
  3. I have my own mood to accomodate each day
  4. And the choice of clothes in my closet. This is actually the most important contraint – you know how horrible the feeling is when you R.E.A.L.I.S.E that  you’ve missed your laundry spot. AGAIN?!.
  5. And then there are aaall the other people. You know, the crew, the talent, and aaaall the fashion inspiration running through my head. (the ideas, not people obviously.).         ..         .        .
So some days I have to grab my winter laundry, thermo shirts
 - IN MAY - 
and go with the flow. What'cha gonna do?



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