The Dreamers

I just watched this movie and completely fell in love with 
It's called The Dreamers and takes place in the 68s' Paris. 
The main theme is the three beautiful main character's 
relationship and compared to other films of this kind 
I love how Bertolucci actually captures that feeling 
of these special times when you just let go of time 
and live your desires/longings.
Of course it's a bit over the top*, but still that special 
feeling of sincerity or naivety** really comes across 
the screen. and makes this movie so much different from 
the classical and often fatale menage a trois. because 
it's more about sharing the scenes with the audience, 
rather than trying to communicating a point. or at least 
doing it a bit more subtle.ah. love it.

The atmosphere, the beauty, the feeling. the craziness.
Go watch it.


PS: Eva Green is so unbelievably beautiful in this movie. 
and so is her brother Theo.
 * after all it's a movie(!)
** obviously struggling to find the right words here


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