The 15 pieces of nordic jewelry you should get for your girlfriend (or your self?)

I promised a friend to make jewelry recommendations.

the key words were:

fashionable, yet a classic twist, both earrings and necklace

voilà, might as well share with you too.

Jewelry from Zarah Voigt, Maria Black, Björk, Line & Jo


  1. Herkimer Diamond earstuds (FAVORITE)
  2. Multi diamond Earstuds
  3. Etearnal love necklace (FAVORITE)
  4. Lucky heart necklace

Line& Jo

  1. Earrings

Maria Black

  1. Cascade necklace
  2. Vega earrings
  3. Konfetti earrings
  4. Monocle necklace
  5. Monocle earrings
  6. Ray gold necklace
  7. Sid gold earrings

Zarah Voigt

  1. New York cascade necklace
  2. Silhouette earrings
  3. New York High-Rise earrings


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