It’s been too long I know. ++ Lesley Arfin == New (girl) crush

HI. HOW IS EVERYTHING? I’m checking in at this site again after a long break. What and why and how you’ll hear about now. I finished the damned BA in Art & Technology. I bought a ukulele flying V style. And a toaster. I’m very happily in love (boy can a boy really bring your life out of balance, huh?). Also I’m in the “what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-do-now” state; being done with the education and all. Here a picture summing much of it up:

But enough about me. I just discovered Lesley Arfin. Ok, I knew of her, but not about this cute video showing her world of clothes and oddness. so check it out. (Lesley do you wanna hang out some time? you seem fun)

via this site.

/ida // boussole

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