Christa Bell △▽ David Lynch

I just saw this video of Christa Bell. The song and video production has been fairy-dusted by David Lynch (or however you say that.). You can clearly hear and see some Lynch in the stuff and in my opinion Bell is one hell of a lucky gal that she got some of Lynch for this. Cause she herself is a little bit annoying to watch. Kinda “i’m so amazingly erotic”. Maybe it’s just my cynical scandinavian view on it. Other than that the aesthetics of the video is good. Check it out before I continue to fill you with nonsense.

However……… regardless of my impression of Christa through watching the above video, I just checked out some live stuff to see if she really has this magnificent voice and also to experience how she generally “performs”. Here my opinion changed. She seems super cool and her voice slightly reminds me of Patti Smith. (and maybe hints of Lana Del Rey – forgive me)

Anyway, check this second video out as well and judge. (if you please)


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