Lady Fingers and Miss Bibi moment

I’m doing the arm party thing at the moment. Because I can.

Apparently this is how it works: you drag everyone into your favourite store, that is currently Copenhagen-based designer collective “Lady Fingers” – find them @Jægersborggade and Miss Bibi – recall the eyelash/tear thing I keep showing you, and go on and on about how you would like to own everything. The result is: for your birthday everyone got the subtitle message where to go. And you get not only one, not only two – but three of your favourite pieces from you favourite store PLUS your favourite mo bracelet from miss Bibi. In the most gorgeous present wrapping.
I had such an amazing weekend. Thanks. Oh, and you see this top? I’m not going to wear anything else for a very long. Just dig the cut. The colour. The fabric. And the lace details.
And I haven’t been wearing anything else than my straw bag lately. Because I can. Equally so my ballerina slippers.
Ok, I’ll stop now. Ah – now I get, people needed my to stop rambling about LadyFingers and Miss Bibi 😉






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