Spring sunglasses! Aaaaand – We were thinking… to move back here!

Hey ho, it’s been a while.

Have you seen our sunglasses guide?



I really feel like shopping these days, but I hate trying trousers* in way too small changing rooms. Soooo – I’ve prepared the sunglasses guide as promised yesterday… You can always wear and buy accessories. And you can always hide behind a gorgeous pair of sunglasses**.

Ok, so – among the hottest sunglasses brands this summer is Illesteva.
But we can’t really afford those – so I made a Budget vs. Luxus guide for my favorite Illesteva sunnies.
1. ASOS Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses DKK 110.08 vs. 2. Zac Posen vs. Illesteva Safari $295 & 3. ASOS Cat Eye sunglasses DKK 91.74 vs. 4. Zac Posen x Illesteva Light Tortoise $295 & 5. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Bug & Flower vs. 6. Leonard Horn $165 & 7. AJ Morgan Gold Bar Round Sunglasses DKK 137.60 vs. 8. Marco Leopard $260 & 9. ASOS DKK110 vs. 10. Zac Posen x Illesteva $295.

We love our new site on squarespace, but we actually kinda miss our community here… sooo, we were thinking of reviving this address*.

What do you think?

Xx Isabella

*we’ve gotten a lot better at posting regularly again 😉

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