Simply Gorgeous – at &other stories


Yesterday, during our shopping spree, Ragna and I ended up in &other stories. Of course.
I couldn’t help but be impressed with their staff, I mean common, every one looked like straight from the run way. Do they hire only based on looks? Is that discrimination?

Well, no matter what, I found it extremely inspiring and relaxing – the whole atmosphere and expertise of people who clearly know what they are doing.

I ended up taking a picture of this lovely lady, because of her perfect doll-taint and execution of her look. Red, white and black. Perfection.


Jeg elsker at shoppe i &other stories – ​man kan tydelig se at folk har forstand på deres kram – alle ansatte er super stylede* og søde. Og helt ærlig, kan man pull-off det rød-hvide look mere perfekt en denne søde pige?

*intimidating – only a little.

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The perfect outfit for Copenhagen’s non-weather


Several of you guys asked me to post more outfit pictures & less AW stuff – so here we go.​..


My lovely little sister, who’s viting at the moment, offered her help and took the impossible role of being my photographer upon herself*.:

​I’m wearing my beloved Topshop sandals, Acne jacket, &other stories clutch, H&M skirt and a Kokoon Shirt from last season.

This was the perfect outfit for our shopping-marathon: warm enough with the big jacket, but cold enough to not have a complete meltdown when waiting in line inside the stores.​

Xx Isabella

*I’m much more comfortable behind the lense than infront**.​
**yes, why do I have a blog then? I just cannot not have one.


Ida og jeg har efterhånden diskuteret ret længe om man burde skrive på dansk. Afterall bor vi jo Danmark.
Jeg taler dog mest engelsk på arbejde, så mit dansk er ved at være lidt rustent. Men, men – alt kommer an på et forsøg. 😉
Har haft en skøn dag med min lille søster, der er på besøg for tiden. Outfittet var perfekt til de lange kø vi kastede os ud i – det var dog besværet værd: Thank god for &other stories.​

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Spring sunglasses! Aaaaand – We were thinking… to move back here!

Hey ho, it’s been a while.

Have you seen our sunglasses guide?



I really feel like shopping these days, but I hate trying trousers* in way too small changing rooms. Soooo – I’ve prepared the sunglasses guide as promised yesterday… You can always wear and buy accessories. And you can always hide behind a gorgeous pair of sunglasses**.

Ok, so – among the hottest sunglasses brands this summer is Illesteva.
But we can’t really afford those – so I made a Budget vs. Luxus guide for my favorite Illesteva sunnies.
1. ASOS Kitten Cat Eye Sunglasses DKK 110.08 vs. 2. Zac Posen vs. Illesteva Safari $295 & 3. ASOS Cat Eye sunglasses DKK 91.74 vs. 4. Zac Posen x Illesteva Light Tortoise $295 & 5. ASOS Cat Eye Sunglasses With Bug & Flower vs. 6. Leonard Horn $165 & 7. AJ Morgan Gold Bar Round Sunglasses DKK 137.60 vs. 8. Marco Leopard $260 & 9. ASOS DKK110 vs. 10. Zac Posen x Illesteva $295.

We love our new site on squarespace, but we actually kinda miss our community here… sooo, we were thinking of reviving this address*.

What do you think?

Xx Isabella

*we’ve gotten a lot better at posting regularly again 😉

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Find us on Squarespace!!!

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Stupid WordPress..

Well, we apologize for the lack of updates (we have soooo much to show and tell you!) but stupid wordpress is giving us trouble with the uploads, even though we upgraded and all.

– We’re working hard on fixing it – but in the mean time we’ll heavily exploit Facebook’s unlimited space to post about nice stuff until we can again here..

Follow us on Facebook here.


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