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When you start seeing your colleagues walking around in your web shop darlings which you’ve been drooling over the last  6 months you know it’s sales season, and you missed to jump on the wagon.

Initially I missed the wagon on purpose, but now I just realised that I’ve been stupid – all the money I could have saved buying on sale!

Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Short Ribbed Sweater from Zara DKK89
Allude Wool Pants Jantine van Peski x MUUSE DKK720
Leather Ankle Boots & Other Stories DKK1150
Zone Merci Print Exploded Flower Acne DKK 477
Nike Air Force 1 & Other Stories DKK 675
Shimmer Turtle Neck Dress Zara DKK 159

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The perfect outfit for Copenhagen’s non-weather


Several of you guys asked me to post more outfit pictures & less AW stuff – so here we go.​..


My lovely little sister, who’s viting at the moment, offered her help and took the impossible role of being my photographer upon herself*.:

​I’m wearing my beloved Topshop sandals, Acne jacket, &other stories clutch, H&M skirt and a Kokoon Shirt from last season.

This was the perfect outfit for our shopping-marathon: warm enough with the big jacket, but cold enough to not have a complete meltdown when waiting in line inside the stores.​

Xx Isabella

*I’m much more comfortable behind the lense than infront**.​
**yes, why do I have a blog then? I just cannot not have one.


Ida og jeg har efterhånden diskuteret ret længe om man burde skrive på dansk. Afterall bor vi jo Danmark.
Jeg taler dog mest engelsk på arbejde, så mit dansk er ved at være lidt rustent. Men, men – alt kommer an på et forsøg. 😉
Har haft en skøn dag med min lille søster, der er på besøg for tiden. Outfittet var perfekt til de lange kø vi kastede os ud i – det var dog besværet værd: Thank god for &other stories.​

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♥ Hi Acne.

and hello to this acne suit, which stole my heart in a second. (and while we’re on the subject i would also like these and these. yes, please, thank you.)

also hello to the rest of the world; i know i’ve been hiding for long. no more.



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