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Outfit post – Bowing to the sun and blooming cherry trees


On my way to a party. Finally the sun is shining for real in Copenhagen. & the cherry trees in front of my house started to bloom 🙂

I’m wearing Yusukuke by MUUSE dress, & other stories shoes & bag, Vintage jacket.​

​Xx Isabella

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Today’s outfit – Boyfriend Jeans & the Half-Tuck


​H&M shoes
Wood Wood shirt
Second Hand jeans

I’m a little tired today*, so the comfortable fit of the boyfriend jeans was the obvious choice this morning. It’s a little diffiult not to look like a giant with giant thighs in those trousers, but what else do I have my new H&M high heels for (made of real leather, uhu!)?

It’s also the perfect opportunity to try the half-tug thing which is the latest fashion gimmick. I think it works well for some people, but you have to be quite careful not to look like someone who was just a little too fast on their way out of the bath room. It needs to be well arranged. ​Like all temporary fashion oddities. Well, I think it’s funny to try, not sure how much I will keep doing it.

I think this is one of those trends that people not in fashion (like 99% percent of the population) will completely not get and politely point out to you. “perhaps you were a little too hasty on your way out of the bath room…”. And seriously, life is too short for me to explain. It’s like a nice little joke no one gets and you definitely DON’T want to explain.

​So, with these life altering thoughts and concerns, I’m returning back to reality and my half-tug. and the sofa. No painting for me today.

Xx Isabella

*no, I’m not getting sick. NO!​

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Some thoughts on jewellery.

​Yeah.. Thoughts. What is jewellery? decoration? elongation of the personality? cultural expression? an ironic comment? lack of interesting clothes? Obviously it can be a bit of everything.

For the past two years or so, I’ve taken a “step back” from wearing decorative metal. The choice has usually been to simply wear the black Skagen (pictured below in the middle) watch because it goes with everything. But I’m always astonished by the sight of others wearing jewellery.

Example; Man Repeller with her arm parties or Isabella’s gorgeous finger-ring-thing or the extravagant Iris Apfel for that matter.! But I guess I’m more simplistic in my choices at the moment. At least with the amount of accessories – I still dig the statement pieces (like the giant keyring from the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collab).

Maybe the reason for my lack of updating the jewellery-box is due to very expensive taste (no not at all typical for a lady. ) ? 


​Anyways, I am currently searching the web for pretty (woman? no ida please no strange associations in the middle of a post) pieces and will share these in a string of consciousness and necklaces-and-more-thoughts.

Starting with the necklace by Proenza Schouler. I find it intriguing in a very undefinable way… it’s a little hippie, a little alternative, a little climbing-ropey (!?) yet I could see it working fantastic with a simple styling (white/grey t-shirt, or shirt) 

How do you like it? And what are you more into at the moment? Necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings or all of it (but at the same time? or seperately?)


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