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Today’s outfit – Boyfriend Jeans & the Half-Tuck


​H&M shoes
Wood Wood shirt
Second Hand jeans

I’m a little tired today*, so the comfortable fit of the boyfriend jeans was the obvious choice this morning. It’s a little diffiult not to look like a giant with giant thighs in those trousers, but what else do I have my new H&M high heels for (made of real leather, uhu!)?

It’s also the perfect opportunity to try the half-tug thing which is the latest fashion gimmick. I think it works well for some people, but you have to be quite careful not to look like someone who was just a little too fast on their way out of the bath room. It needs to be well arranged. ​Like all temporary fashion oddities. Well, I think it’s funny to try, not sure how much I will keep doing it.

I think this is one of those trends that people not in fashion (like 99% percent of the population) will completely not get and politely point out to you. “perhaps you were a little too hasty on your way out of the bath room…”. And seriously, life is too short for me to explain. It’s like a nice little joke no one gets and you definitely DON’T want to explain.

​So, with these life altering thoughts and concerns, I’m returning back to reality and my half-tug. and the sofa. No painting for me today.

Xx Isabella

*no, I’m not getting sick. NO!​

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