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Today’s outfit – Boyfriend Jeans & the Half-Tuck


​H&M shoes
Wood Wood shirt
Second Hand jeans

I’m a little tired today*, so the comfortable fit of the boyfriend jeans was the obvious choice this morning. It’s a little diffiult not to look like a giant with giant thighs in those trousers, but what else do I have my new H&M high heels for (made of real leather, uhu!)?

It’s also the perfect opportunity to try the half-tug thing which is the latest fashion gimmick. I think it works well for some people, but you have to be quite careful not to look like someone who was just a little too fast on their way out of the bath room. It needs to be well arranged. ​Like all temporary fashion oddities. Well, I think it’s funny to try, not sure how much I will keep doing it.

I think this is one of those trends that people not in fashion (like 99% percent of the population) will completely not get and politely point out to you. “perhaps you were a little too hasty on your way out of the bath room…”. And seriously, life is too short for me to explain. It’s like a nice little joke no one gets and you definitely DON’T want to explain.

​So, with these life altering thoughts and concerns, I’m returning back to reality and my half-tug. and the sofa. No painting for me today.

Xx Isabella

*no, I’m not getting sick. NO!​

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Yesterday’s Outfit – More High Street Hell for you


It’s hard to leave &other stories without a purchase.
Luckily I found myself a solid basic piece at a bargain price. The pleated, black skirt.

So, I’m trying the black&white, french theme* or what ever at the moment:​


​- Now, back to work (after the most amazing cross fit lesson and yoga class – weee*). I love my mondays.​ ♥✌

By the way, at the moment I’m lining up quite a few nice things for you here on the blog. So stay tuned!

Xx Isabella

*just missing the red lips, I know.​
**I know, we hate to those kind of Happy people, but seriously – this work out combo is addictive!



Efter den mest svedige yoga-cross fit combo (literally) er jeg endelig faldet på plads på sofaen og kan vise jer gårdagens outfit. Prøver lidt det der sort-hvide-oh-so-french tema. Jeg kunne godt har haft røde læber set i bakspejlet?​

Anyway, jeg er ved at line up en hel del spændende ting for bloggen – så, stay tuned ;)​

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The perfect outfit for Copenhagen’s non-weather


Several of you guys asked me to post more outfit pictures & less AW stuff – so here we go.​..


My lovely little sister, who’s viting at the moment, offered her help and took the impossible role of being my photographer upon herself*.:

​I’m wearing my beloved Topshop sandals, Acne jacket, &other stories clutch, H&M skirt and a Kokoon Shirt from last season.

This was the perfect outfit for our shopping-marathon: warm enough with the big jacket, but cold enough to not have a complete meltdown when waiting in line inside the stores.​

Xx Isabella

*I’m much more comfortable behind the lense than infront**.​
**yes, why do I have a blog then? I just cannot not have one.


Ida og jeg har efterhånden diskuteret ret længe om man burde skrive på dansk. Afterall bor vi jo Danmark.
Jeg taler dog mest engelsk på arbejde, så mit dansk er ved at være lidt rustent. Men, men – alt kommer an på et forsøg. 😉
Har haft en skøn dag med min lille søster, der er på besøg for tiden. Outfittet var perfekt til de lange kø vi kastede os ud i – det var dog besværet værd: Thank god for &other stories.​

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