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When you start seeing your colleagues walking around in your web shop darlings which you’ve been drooling over the last  6 months you know it’s sales season, and you missed to jump on the wagon.

Initially I missed the wagon on purpose, but now I just realised that I’ve been stupid – all the money I could have saved buying on sale!

Should I, or shouldn’t I?

Short Ribbed Sweater from Zara DKK89
Allude Wool Pants Jantine van Peski x MUUSE DKK720
Leather Ankle Boots & Other Stories DKK1150
Zone Merci Print Exploded Flower Acne DKK 477
Nike Air Force 1 & Other Stories DKK 675
Shimmer Turtle Neck Dress Zara DKK 159

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Outfit post – Bowing to the sun and blooming cherry trees


On my way to a party. Finally the sun is shining for real in Copenhagen. & the cherry trees in front of my house started to bloom 🙂

I’m wearing Yusukuke by MUUSE dress, & other stories shoes & bag, Vintage jacket.​

​Xx Isabella

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Yesterday’s Outfit – More High Street Hell for you


It’s hard to leave &other stories without a purchase.
Luckily I found myself a solid basic piece at a bargain price. The pleated, black skirt.

So, I’m trying the black&white, french theme* or what ever at the moment:​


​- Now, back to work (after the most amazing cross fit lesson and yoga class – weee*). I love my mondays.​ ♥✌

By the way, at the moment I’m lining up quite a few nice things for you here on the blog. So stay tuned!

Xx Isabella

*just missing the red lips, I know.​
**I know, we hate to those kind of Happy people, but seriously – this work out combo is addictive!



Efter den mest svedige yoga-cross fit combo (literally) er jeg endelig faldet på plads på sofaen og kan vise jer gårdagens outfit. Prøver lidt det der sort-hvide-oh-so-french tema. Jeg kunne godt har haft røde læber set i bakspejlet?​

Anyway, jeg er ved at line up en hel del spændende ting for bloggen – så, stay tuned ;)​

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Simply Gorgeous – at &other stories


Yesterday, during our shopping spree, Ragna and I ended up in &other stories. Of course.
I couldn’t help but be impressed with their staff, I mean common, every one looked like straight from the run way. Do they hire only based on looks? Is that discrimination?

Well, no matter what, I found it extremely inspiring and relaxing – the whole atmosphere and expertise of people who clearly know what they are doing.

I ended up taking a picture of this lovely lady, because of her perfect doll-taint and execution of her look. Red, white and black. Perfection.


Jeg elsker at shoppe i &other stories – ​man kan tydelig se at folk har forstand på deres kram – alle ansatte er super stylede* og søde. Og helt ærlig, kan man pull-off det rød-hvide look mere perfekt en denne søde pige?

*intimidating – only a little.

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